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Cowboy - Kid-Safe Morgan Crossbred Horse For Sale

10 yo, 15 hands, $7,000 

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Cowboy is a pretty 10-year-old Morgan x Standardbred gelding standing at 15 hands. He rides and drives, so he's an ideal family horse. Anyone can ride him: grandma, grandpa, and the grandkids. Even YOU can ride him. He's perfectly safe; a real confidence builder for beginners yet enjoyable for riders with some experience. Watch the video to see that riding alone, crossing creeks and bridges, going through mud, and riding alongside a busy road are no problem for Cowboy. He came from the Amish country where he was driven on main roads, so he is traffic safe. He is a true black, so he doesn't fade out in the summer. Dogs don't phase him a bit as you can see from the videos and the last image in the slideshow that depicts one of my Cocker Spaniel puppies jumping up on his leg! He didn't react at all, so I didn't even know she had done it till I saw the photo. His ground manners are impeccable. He's safe even for beginners, young children, and old folks to lead and handle.

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We use Cowboy for our novice customers to ride on our trails. He is also used for summer camp for children ages 6 and up. As you can see in the video, he stands still for mounting and dismounting, he loads into a trailer well (click on the link provided to see him load and unload in just 25 seconds!), and he's easy to bridle and saddle. You can pick up all 4 feet without a struggle. Riding him is a real pleasure, and he has a nice jog (even on a loose rein) and canter (despite all the dogs underfoot). He's very willing, but you don't have to fight to hold him back either. He's the absolute perfect age: old enough to be a solid trail veteran while being young enough to last you for many years to come. This nice Morgan Crossbred horse is for sale and could be yours for $7,000.

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