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Whiskey - Child Safe Quarter Horse For Sale

14 yo, 14.1 hands, $7,400 

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Whiskey is a pretty, dark Bay QH mare. She's 14 years old and stands at about 14.1 hands. She is safe for absolute beginners and children ages 6 and up. She's a real sweetheart - on the ground and in the saddle. Watch this video of her being ridden alone with just me and my dogs for company. When you leave the barn and her buddies, she rides out quitely and obediently. She will cross creeks, mud, and bridges without hesitation. You'll look like a pro on Whiskey even if you don't have any riding experience because she has years of trail experience for you to rely on. If you've taken a spill and have lost your confidence, Whiskey can help you regain it. She easy to handle on the ground because she has impeccable manners. Even a young child can catch her and lead her to the hitching rail to be groomed and saddled. And she's easy to bridle and saddle. She isn't cinchy a bit.

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You can pick up all 4 feet and spray her for flies without a struggle. She loads and unloads well and is easy to bathe. Catching her is never a problem since she usually comes to you when you go into her pasture. She's easy to get on and off her of because she stands still for you to mount and dismount. Clearly, as you can see in the videos, she is dog friendly, so you can safely take your furry friends out on the trail with you. She moves off your leg and is easy to get into a trot and canter. This nice Quarter Horse is for sale and could be yours for $7,400.

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